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  • Chlorine Dioxide Generator - Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Model: Chlorine Dioxide Generator
Chlorine Dioxide Generator
Chlorine Dioxide Generator

Chlorine dioxide is a synthetically produced gas. It is normally greenish-yellow and will have a smell similar to chlorine. It should be noted, however, that this gas has a different chemical composition than chlorine and interacts differently with other molecules. Chlorine dioxide is usually produced as a gas or liquid solution. The most common use is as household and industrial bleach.

ROTEK Chlorine dioxide is an extremely reactive gas, which – because of its instability – cannot be stored, and must only be produced in the required quantities in special plants on the site where it is to be used. Chlorine dioxide offers a number of advantages for water disinfection compared with chlorine, the disinfectant mainly used

Advantages of chlorine dioxide, particularly compared to chlorine

  • Disinfection power is independent of pH.
  • High residual effect thanks to long-term stability in the pipeline system, thus microbiological protection for many hours to days
  • Reduction of the biofilm in pipelines and tanks, hence reliable protection of entire water systems against legionella contamination.
  • No reaction with ammonia or ammonium, thus full disinfection power of chlorine dioxide.
  • No formation of chorophenols and other intense odour compounds which can be produced in water chlorination.
  • No formation of THMs and other chlorinated hydrocarbons, no increase in the AOX value.

Chlorine Dioxide Generating System

  • Capacity: Up to 66 g/h of ClO2 Aqueous
  • Concentration:Up to 2% (20,000 ppm)
  • Dilution Water Flow:2-6 m3/hr
  • Required Inlet Water Pressure: 2 kg/cm2
  • Required Inlet Water Temperature: 2~ 40 0C
  • Alkaline Dosing Rate:0.1-1.5 L/H @ 10 bar
  • Acid Dosing Rate:0.1-1.5 L/H @ 10 bar
  • Flow Monitor:8~32 Strokes Adjustable, Air Lock Monitoring and Auto Shut-Off
  • tatic Mixer:UPVC Material, Guide Vans Inside
  • Check Valve: Against ClO2 Flow into Inlet Water
  • Venturi :Negative Suction for ClO2
  • Material of Base-plate: PP 10 mm Welding
  • Electric Control Panel:7.7” Plastic Box
  • Dim:WxHxD 1000x800x400 mm
  • Net Weight:
  • -- 36 kg (complete without SUS cabinet)
  • -- 56 kg (complete with SUS cabinet)

 Function Description

  • AUTO/Stop/Manuel Switch
  • On-Off LED Display
  • Up/Down Bottoms for ClO2 Concentration
  • Warming Light Both for Chemicals Low Level and Generator Shut Down
  • On-Off via Water Pump Pressure Control

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Chlorine Dioxide Generator

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