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  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis System - K

Model: K
Industrial Reverse Osmosis System
K series Reverse Osmosis System

ROTEK compact commercial reverse osmosis system is a durable piece of equipment which, with proper care and maintenance will last for many years. PK series systems are part of a family of reverse osmosis units designed with pre-filtration systems on a skid frame, for operation with fresh and brackish feedwaters having TDS values below 2,000ppm. Models are available with permeate outputs of between 250 and 1000 litres/hr as shown in the specifications tables.

Product Features
  •   304 grade stainless steel perimeter frame with rubber isolation feet.
  •   Integrated microprocessor based controller with display for TDS and system status.
  •   Automatic membrane flush (with feed water) at start-up and every 12 hours continuous operation.
  •   Flow meters for permeate (treated product) and reject (waste) streams.
  •   Liquid filled pressure gauges for feed water pressure and membrane discharge pressure.
  •   Feed water inlet cartridge filter.
  •   Feed water inlet solenoid valve.
  •   Low feed water pressure sensor with automatic shutdown.
  •   High pressure UPVC SCH80 membrane pressure vessels.
  •   All pre-treatment systems are amounted in one skid frame.
  •   Compact Space Saving Design.


PK 1500

PK 3000

PK 4500

PK 6000



1500 / 250

3000 / 500

4500 / 750

6000 / 1000

Working Pressure


150 - 200 / 10 - 14

Raw Water Feed Pump

Injection type S.S pump + pressure tank

Sand Filter

Control Valve

Automatic Timer Control Valve

Size & Capacity

10"x54" (50L)

10"x54" (50L)

13"x54" (70L)

13"x54" (70L)

Carbon Filter

Control Valve

Automatic Timer Control Valve

Size & Capacity

10"x54" (50L)

10"x54" (50L)

13"x54" (70L)

13"x54" (70L)


Control Valve

Automatic Volumetric Control Valve

Size & Capacity

10"x54" (50L)

10"x54" (50L)

13"x54" (70L)

13"x54" (70L)


Big Blue Filter Housing + PP 5um Cartridge

High Pressure Pump

Rotary Van Pump + Motor (1HP)

Multi-staged Centrifugal Pump (3HP)

Membrane Housing

Stainless Steel 304 with PE end-caps

RO Membrane

4040 x 1

4040 x 2

4040 x 3

4040 x 4



Stainless steel main frame, rollers, brackets


2170mm x 690mm x 1560mm ( L x W x H )

Feed Water Specifications (minimum)


< 1 ppm

Hydrogen Sulphide

0 ppm

Free Chlorine

0 ppm


< 0.05 ppm


< 2000 ppm


< 1 ppm

Turbidity (SDI)

< 5


+ 5 to + 40°C


3 - 11


< 1.0 ppm


< 0.01 ppm


> 300 kPa

R.O. Operating Parameters

Min. Pressure

BAR (35 PSI)

Max. Pressure

BAR (300 PSI)

Max. Hardness

1 ppm

Min. Salt Rejection


Max. Salt Rejection


Max. TDS

2000 ppm

Feed water quality, pressures and flow rates have a significant impact on the performance of any reverse osmosis system. To ensure reliable and consistent long-term performance, it is important to supply feed water having the minimum specifications detailed below. If your feed water supply is marginal, you should consider using a feed water break tank and booster pump to supply the system.
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Industrial Reverse Osmosis System

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