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Model: PES
PES Cartridge
Multi-layer PES Cartridge

Filtration of very fine particulate materials, colloids and some micro-organisms from feedwater supplies.
Domestic applications: filtration of drinking water.
Commercial applications: filtration of process waters, filtration of demineralised water, fine filtration of beverages (wines, liqueurs, syrups), intermediate filtration of process water for food industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry; fine pre-filtration for reverse osmosis membranes.

Working Conditions
Maximum Operating Pressure..........8 BAR
Maximum Operating Temperature.....+85°C

Cartridge Length: 5", 10", 20", 30", 40".
End Caps: Double open ended, 222, 226 and 2230 O-ring..etc with locating fin.
Inner Core: Polypropylene.
Gasket cap: Buan N, Silicone, Viton.

Technical Parameter

Polyether Sulphone (PES) Pleated Cartridge Filters

Pore Size (μm)






B.P. Pressure (bar)





Air Diffusion (0.22μm)

Air through at 23°C, water-wetted membrane: ≤13ml/min per 10-inch cartridge at 2.8 bar(40psig)

Testing Conditions

As specified in National GMP, 25°C, Pure water

Filtration Area

≥0.65m2 (standard 10" element)


Working Temperature

Differential Pressure

<80°C (Differential Pressure:0.2 Mpa)


Steam sterilization and Autoclaving at 121°C, cycle time of 30 minutes (maximum).

Maximum Differential Pressure 

Positive direction: 0.42Mpa
Reverse direction: 0.21Mpa

Applicable pH range

1.0 ~ 14.0

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PES Cartridge

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