dioxid de clor de tratare a apei

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dioxid de clor de tratare a apei

stabilized chlorine dioxide differs from chlorine dioxide and is very safe. chlorine dioxide is a gas. stabilized chlorine dioxide (scd or stabilized clo2, and also known as anthium dioxide and sodium chlorite) is a salt form in solution with bicarbonate.

stabilized chlorine dioxide is activated when it encounters microbes or bacteria. rotek research & development staff has performed several tests on substances that activate scd. bacteria themselves activate scd, although slower than acids and other inorganic substances. after a person consumes a meal high in sugars and starches, invisible bacteria on the tooth surfaces and gums begin to feed on residual food particles. as the bacteria work, they secrete potent acids that dissolve the hard calcium and phosphate mineral matrix of the tooth enamel. these bacteria also produce metabolic enzymes that break down the connective tissues and gums. without proper oral hygiene, these bacteria leave unhealthy cavities and stains, as well as, inflamed and bleeding gums. in addition to causing tooth decay, these same bacteria are responsible for the production of volatile sulfur compounds. volatile sulfur compounds are byproducts of the bacterial fermentation of food residue and are one of the major sources of bad breath.

stabilized chlorine dioxide is registered with the epa (environmental protection agency) as an excellent bactericide, fungicide and antimicrobial agent. the fda (food and drug administration) and the usda (united states department of agriculture) have approved use of stabilized chlorine dioxide in food processing plants for sanitizing and controlling bacteria and mold.

to make stabilized chlorine dioxide, chlorine dioxide is taken and manufactured in a liquid state with the ph on the base side. then various sodium carbonate complexes are added into the formulation. these complexes link up with and bond on the chlorine dioxide to stabilize it. it changes from an aggressive unstable material, to one that is extremely mild, very stable, and yet has all the desirable features that chlorine dioxide possesses.

chlorine dioxide is an unstable aggressive material that can damage mucus membranes in the mouth.

stabilized chlorine dioxide is very safe in comparison with other disinfectants. stabilized chlorine dioxide is so safe that the epa rates its toxicity level the same as water. it will not damage gums, even if they have been cut. it has no effect on fillings and possesses no harmful properties that a dentist should worry about. on the contrary, it is very effective on keeping the mouth extremely clean.

stabilized chlorine dioxide was first developed to be used on cankers. so for soft delicate tissues where there may be problems with bacteria or other microbials, stabilized chlorine dioxide is a superb product. it also breaks down the food films so that these organisms don't have anything to feed upon and grow and multiply. this would be very important when you look at potential infections.

stabilized chlorine dioxide is safe in storage and use, and carries no hazardous label on personal care products. it is a latent form of chlorine dioxide which permits controlled release under conditions of use.

typical properties

ph 7.5+.2
stability shelf-life exceeds one year
solubility completely miscible with water
corrosion non-corrosive to metals in dilution normally used
toxicity non-toxic 0 rating (epa rating scale 0-4)
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dioxid de clor de tratare a apei

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