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E-ROTEK WATER SYSTEMS CO.,LTD is the leading Taiwan manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Sand Filter Media, which are engineered from the best quality raw material and are acknowledged for their sturdy construction and durable service life. During the manufacturing process, our expert teams checks the quality of the products thus we ensure the superior products to our clients. Our range is in high demand by our client spread across the international market and can be availed at industry leading prices. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.
  • Sand Filter Media - Multi-Sand Filter Media

Model: Multi-Sand Filter Media
Sand Filter Media
Multi-Sand Filter Media

Product Features
ROTEK Gravel is a natural ore that has many outstanding advantages over more common granular filter sands and multimedia used for suspended solids reduction. The angularity of the granules and the tapered internal pore spaces allow for reduction of dirt, silt and organic matter suspended in water by bridging, straining and adhesion. The rough surface and internal porosity provide a high surface area for efficient removal of suspended matter. Using deep bed filtration can typically reduce suspended solids down to the 15 micron or less range. ROTEK Gravel granular structure typically creates less pressure loss through the filter and allows deeper sediment penetration into the bed for higher suspended solids loading and longer filter runs. The deep bed filtration capacity of this product prevents a rapid buildup of head loss and blinding problems that are associated with typical sand filters. Longer filter run times reduce backwash frequency, which provides conservation of water. This ideal combination of particle shape, texture and porosity make this media a good choice where quality water filtration and water conservation are important.

Substantial savings can be realized when designing a system using ROTEK Gravel. Its low pressure drop, high service flow rates and high bed loadings combined with lower backwash frequency allow economy in equipment downsizing and reduced pumping requirements. Its low density also saves on handling expense and shipping cost.

  • ROTEK Gravel is graded specifically for water filtration plants.
  • Filter Sand can be used in municipal, industrial or residential applications
  • The spherical shape of uncrushed gravel promotes good flow and even distribution.
  • Deep bed filtration results in superior water quality and reduces the load on downstream equipment.
  • High sediment removal capacity results in longer filter runs, with a substantial savings in backwash water and time out of service.
  • High service flow rate result in lower equipment costs and a savings in space.
  • Reduced shipping cost due to lighter weight/cu.ft.
  • Replacement of multimedia in existing installations may increase filter capacity.
  • ROTEK Gravel is an all-natural, environmentally safety product.

Small / Medium / Large Gravel Physical Properties

Natural Gravel For Water Filtration

Particle Size

3~5mm / 5~10mm / 10~20mm / 20~30mm

Bulk Density

1.45 g/c.c.

Mos Hardness



≦2 %

Moisture as packed

≦1 %


10 liter bags

Silica Sands Physical Properties

Silica Sands For Water Filtration

Particle Size

0.1 – 0.9mm

Bulk Density

1.40 g/c.c.



Burning Loss

0.14 %

HCI Solubility

≦3 %


10 liter bags

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Sand Filter Media

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